What's Happened?

So this is a quick blurb on what is going on in my life from roughly November of 2015 to the present October 2017:

My name is John Blake Arnold and I am software engineer, musician, artist, writer, electronic/industrial designer, and currently a professional driver. 

In 2011, my father contracted Stage IV kidney cancer and agreed to move to Kerrville, Texas from Houston to help my family cope during that trying time.  I moved and began contract coding, and for awhile worked as a contract programmer for the office of Senator John McCain, and then my dad got really, really sick and I had to quit, and then my dad died. I think this was early 2014.

One of the reasons I moved up to Kerrville is my mom who had been married to my dad for 49 years was showing signs over the previous decade of oncoming Alzheimer's, and once my dad passed away, her symptoms got extremely bad: hiding in closets, a refusal to stay or sleep in the bedroom she formerly kept with my dad, isolation, hiding when people knocked on the front door, a failure to keep finances properly, a tendency to be over-gregarious to strangers as if she already knew them, and then blaming me for pretty much everything-- including the death of my father, and physical difficulties she was having as an 81 year old woman, and her own difficulties keeping the check book.

I became the "bad guy" in her eyes, and she turned her finances over to the neighbor down the street, contacted the Bank of America, PayPal, and eBay claiming that I had "stolen" from her over an order of some 6 Haines tee shirts she had told me to order, and then forgot she had said it (this was the summer of 2015 and took over 6 months to resolve, despite my offers to meet with her at the Bank of America-- after many, many calls to PayPal and eBay showing no theft the matter was put to rest; I am still a customer at Bank of America).

I had been an early adopter of crypto-currency, and had been involved with BitCoins (BTC) since they were valued at less than $0.05 cents on the US Dollar.  There are notes in protest of the dismissal CNBC anchors gave BTC's early on, and I was a miner who successfully mined BTC's with older desktop hardware until the difficulty got to much.

I was one of the architects of ASIC chips from FPGA chips, and this was a project I had entered into in Houston in 2010 while my dad was still alive in an effort to please my dad and make him proud of me.  I designed the first ASIC chip that I know of in EagleSOFT after reading what operations the hardware was forcing through the FPGA chip.

I gave it up and moved on. 

Because I had to move to Kerrville.

I founded several more companies and turned them over to my father and mother in part, roughly 18 months before my dad's death.

So there were BTC's, patents, roughly 66% of every company I founded in my parents' ownership, and then once my dad passed away, in my mother's ownership.

And once she went wacko during the summer of 2015, she was approached by my aunt-- her sister-- and she signed over her right to attorney to my aunt and every single asset our family collectively owned, and my aunt put her in a retirement home and went back to Austin, Texas with every asset my dad worked for his entire life and every thing I had managed to achieve in the past ten years-- which included BTC mining patents, DBA's for several companies, records, cryptocurrency of all types.

Another thing that happened is that as I tried to keep my sense of humor about the whole thing, in the summer of 2015 as my mom went crazy, I created my own crypto-currency: the ANAL coin.

I did this because several of my friends are erotic web-cam performers, and I was trying to impress them as a distraction from my mother and her problems.

 I would like to point out that the ANAL coin is pegged to the value of the BTC, which today is valued at over $4,500.00 US Dollars.

So this is typical of my sense of humor, which my mother did not appreciate and she gave away control of all my assets to my aunt.  This included a house I had purchased in Kerrville in 1986 as an 18 year old, and this was achieved because the name on the title was John Arnold, which was the same as my dad's name.  

So folks ALWAYS use that middle initial!

As I was contract programmer with the lights and electricity turned off, I had no access to the internet, and with the efforts to sabatage my eBay and PayPal accounts in the summer of 2015 in a fit of peak, my mom kept me from simply selling items online. 

Instead, she gave away every family heirloom, quilt, photo, electronic systems, telescopes, and anything else of either emotional connection to the family or of any monetary worth to absolute strangers and professional "bilkers of senior citizens."

I ended up with my mother's cookbooks who were her mother's-- my grandmother who I had never met, but who had written in the cookbooks and I kept this library of my mother's, who thought something she had kept herself in a place of pride within our house for over 50 years should simply be discarded or tossed to strangers.  I kept an architectural desklight of my father's, who was a mechanical engineer and employee of United Technology of high repute.

Otherwise, I kept my computers and hard drives, and my cats.

I was kicked out of my house, denied the veracity of my claim that the title was in my name, and forced to live in my car on January 21, 2017.  I went to live in the WalMart parking lot.

 I kept feeding my cats in an abandoned lot behind my old home.


Now, one may ask-- especially any prospective employers or HR people:  "Why didn't you go get a different form of work?  Didn';t you have a nest egg?"

In fact, I looked for work, and eventually became a bank courier and delivery person of municipal documents in San Antonio during the fall of 2016 in an effort to save my house.  However it was a 88 miles commute one way, and my day started at 6 AM, and so I was leaving by 5:15 AM in the morning and there was a lot wear and tear on my 20 year old Volvo.  And even so, the place I had was more expensive than my paychecks at such a late date.

Further, nobody believed that I was a programmer because I had been a contract programmer and designer-- self-employed so they weren't getting the Social Security feedback they wanted.

Early in 2017, I managed to get a dishwashing job at the IHOP, then moved up $2 an hour to a dishwashing job at a different retirement home than my mother was staying in, and then I was forced to move on as it was not copascetic-- despite my need.

I became a PizzaHut delivery person, and got off the street into a new apartment-- still without web access because I cannot afford it.  But it is my own apartment, and i have one of my cats with me, with the others still being fed twice daily at the abandoned lot.

I have finally gotten the money together to renew my web site, and my other DBA's website: whiteoakamplification.com

Remember, the SSL certificates alone cost $100 roughly for a single site, an ISP and dedicated IP address, another $175.

This is a difficult gig to get back into-- no matter what your capability to code, error-check, trouble-shoot.

I still work for PizzaHut and worry dail;y about a career-ending traffic accident.  I want out of that gig before my car epic fails.

So this is my story in October of 2017, I am looking for employment as a programmer, administrator, CMS webmaster, etc.

How will I make my next move?

I have a dedicated Linux Mint laptop, and I practice CLI when not building this Joomla 3! website, I work towards the cash needed for CompTIA A+ and Linux certifications that together cost roughly $800 between the 4 parts of the necessary tests.

I would gladly work in San Antonio and Austin if the commute or move was worth it and my cats did not suffer.

My mother got a hip surgery two weeks ago, and they told me about it two days after she got out of surgery.  I haven't spoken to my aunt (who wallows like a pig in our family's money) since 2015.

So my mother gave up every legal and monetary right to a woman who has not visited her since her incarceration.

If you have heard of Voss Water, Fred Water, Taurus Firearms, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes [prototyped in python, finished in Desault Systems IDE- then offered to Disney and EA Games nearly completely finished because we did not own the character rights for the art], or ANAL coins, they exist specifically because my efforts.

And these companies, which were given to my family as a form living amend, were taken from me simply to prove that they could take them away-- just like my house that I bought in 1986.

Had any of my cousins or other extended family been dealt the difficulties that I had been dealt, I would have made a place in my home for them-- I would have sought reconciliation or introduced them to a friendly attorney.

Instead, they took the money and the effort and the chance to do charitable work, and they burned it.

So tonight, I go to deliver pizza as a form of employment-- despite having two university degrees from a prestigious 4 year university.  

If you are still reading this, I am a decent pure programmer, but a great problem solver and improviser.  I am a good artist and composer.  I am an excellent writer.

Give me a real job opportunity in a location close by like San Antonio or Austin.  

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