1/19/2020 Sunday Evening

A long week is over and I have a chance to program the next two days. I got a lot of SHELLS installed on my Mint Linux: Bourne, ksh93, tcsh, and a long list that currently escapes me. I also installed Frescobaldi which is a LilyPad musical notation editor, with all sorts of musical extras which I believe will be a magnificent end product of the ongoing musical A.I. program that I am developing in both C and Python (but not yet Cython). Basically one aspect of LilyPad is that it is a sheet music text program that creates beautiful sheet music, while various plugins for the program allow MIDI information transferral, so that whatever the A.I. writes, it can be notated musically on a stave by LilyPad, and possibly played back via the MIDI capability. Also I’ve been getting my massive programming library up to date, as well as my certification literature organized. I also bumped up the programming text editors available to me in Linux because although XED is beautiful and useful, I seem to only be able to open one instance at a time, which does not help me cut and paste. So I got some old standards like KATE and JOE. I really have a nice set-up for Python 3 (and also non-supported Python 2), with all the math and A.I. libraries available, all the graphing, all the game designing. My next quick plan for this website is to change the front page back to a “vanilla” corporate template, leave the specialized areas more customized once the initial visitor is acclimatized to my site. Get a links page going, continue the focus on the programming pages, and get a music blog started along side the Developer Blog. So just checking in.