Thursday, 1/16/2020 1:30 AM

So, I will be up to my eyes with lack of internet until 1/22/2020 due work stuff and other things. This means I have to Administer and add to the site through my cell phone. Meanwhile, I’ve delved deep into the hairy crack of Linux System Administration and Shell Scripting, and even got 3 C Language programs written, compiled and executed, while also starting the Musical Harmonic A.I. Composition program. BASH and Linux $PATH, epic fun. I have downloaded a text editor to my cell that should allow me to now cut and paste Blog entries and essays to the website, but it is so much easier from laptop. The delay til the 22nd means I have a long wait until I can download and install every CLI shell known to work on Linux but I will simply use BASH, DASH, and SH. There will be a music blog, guitar and Harmonic composition lessons, as soon as I decide where to put them, as well as my music and art. Have a great day.