Tuesday, January 14, 2020

So my Linux issues are solved, and it took a curvy road to do so. I opted to burn the newest Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia install to DVD, and everything was going great: they even supplied a Broadcom driver for my mini Wifi card from Dell with the basic install that had been an issue in Mint 18. And the driver worked- it immediately connected to the Starbucks Wifi during the install of the driver, but when I restarted at the end of the sequence which was what was instructed by the install, upon restart my card lie “Dormant,’ the wlan0 name had been changed to wlp2s0 in /sys/class/net. I realized it must have been me, and although it takes forever to “Encrypt Home Folder” upon install, i decided to reinstall Mint 19.3 because that had been the closest to getting connectivity to work on my Linux side for a year. But by the time I left Starbuck’s at 8 PM, i had reinstalled twice and could not get the connection back. I went home intending to reinstall at my house, but I stopped during the reformat and checked my Windows side of the machine, and found it had not shut down properly and was hanging, and so I shut it down and then on a whim rechecked the 19.3 install and low-and-behold, up pooped all WiFi networks in my area, which meant it had closed from dormancy and gone back to “up” working state. So my advice to all folks having Broadcom WiFi card issues, especially on Windows/Linux machines is to realize that the Windows side may be affecting the card if not shut down properly, even after reformatting and reinstalling the Linux side, the Windows OS can hold the hardware of the card. Now I am apt-updating and apt- upgrading the Linux kernal, I took a snapshot of the system last night. finally, I have found that the build-essentials must be updated before one can add the media-codecs. But it is all going smoothly with both apt-get command line and Synaptic GUI installs, language packs are next.