Sunday, January 12, 2020

1/12/2020 This is my WordPress Blog site. In this space, I will be detailing efforts to program an A.I. Musical Harmonic Composition application in Python. As this project goes forward, I will attempt to use preemptive Best Practices in Python, and use Python Unit Testing using PyTest as well. Also, as another aspect of the program, I will be running this WordPress Blog with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices with the intent to be able to run appropriate Commercial Accounting Reports on the SEO effort, and the Security efforts to protect this WordPress Site, the larger Joomla site under which the WP sits, as well as the Drupal site which we are still working on the Template for that Drupal bit, but it is already optimized for mobile, and finally our Magento CMS store front efforts, with requisite SSH command line network login. This WP Blog will be the primary development Blog which will include pertinent internal links to other parts of the larger site as development proceeds. As a potential commercial Affiliate and Advertiser, this Blog is where I will post my considerations of my profit-based motives coupled with my artistic design ethic; so too the requisite Hashtags and Keywords of such an effort. The next post tomorrow, however, will be a piece containing links to the various Style Guides for the Computer Programming Languages I use, and other great links specific to those languages as I push forward the Python Music A.I. application. Thanks.

Some Blake Art