This is my SoundCloud page, but it does not work in the SoundCloud mobile app- not just me- anyone who started on the desktop via straight http...anyway, maybe listen on your desktop....

I will also be building out this page with an embedded mp3 player, so I can host my own work here as well.

Jan.18, 2021 

I repaired my Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber+ head after roughly 6 years. The following track is what I played first once I realized I got it to work. There are sections of tuning, checking pedals to change amp channel and to engage the amp''s e.q. by foot pedal.  The guitar used is an electric classical guitar, because it has nylon strings I thought it might save my life if there was a short!I change to typical electric semi-hollow body at roughly last 3 minutes of track. The amp is super quiet for a repair, I'm very happy.


Link to MesaTest