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This space is to show my most recent audio offerings and whatever doesn't get directly transferred to SoundCloud.


My page is  However most of my newest tunes will appear here, as well efforts at collaboration.



This piece I chose the key, composition, tempo, instrumentation, orchestration, and note choices, but the chart is from Jerry Coker's excellent book JAZZ in the appendix in the back, ironically most of Jerry's charts have already been used by various composers before without credit; for instance there are some 43 different tunes credited to different jazz composers to the chart of "I Got Rhythm" or "Sweet Georgia Brown," as well as the basic blues. In any case, I am proud of this piece. 





This piece is a composition for a potential video game proof-of-concept for video game soundtrack composition work; it is entirely original.  There is a long silence (long leader) at the beginning of the piece to allow for editing. So please bear with the silence and fade-in intro.

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