Hi welcome to my website. My name is Blake and I am a programmer, musician, artist, writer, and cook.  I will be adding more content and capability such as news feeds and links over the next few days.Thanks for visiting.

1/4/2020 Afternoon: the intent is to have the WordPRess Home, Drupal, and Magento sites, along with the well-behaved Forum and WhiteOak site links within iFrames so that the navigation can be universal template appearance and allow easy return to the JBA site HOME; but Drupal and Magento are not easily loading into their respective iFrames. So this is enough of an issue that I am, replacing them on the menu as simple links as I modify the basic "necessities" of the Computer Programming page so I have the links to the various Manuals of Style for each unique language. thx 

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As of 1/11/20 The forum is up, I have installed WordPress, Drupal, and Magento onto the site.  Only the forum works like I would like. I need to create and uninstall default content from Drupal and WordPress and Magento store front.  Blogging is enabled [you can read the Developer Blog here] and the RSS feeds should be working soon.

** For job recruiters visiting, this site is primarily for you to see that I can manage and design CMS sites so that you will hire me.  So it is a work in progress, and yet most of the media content and branding is being created from scratch. So please have some patience and hire me anyway, especially if you are in the San Antonio, TX area. Thanks!